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Infinite Ability home care is a company designed to assist those in need in our community. We offer a wide range of services in order to benefit and assist those with a disability or disadvantage in their working life, living options and leisure activities. By providing these services it creates beneficial sources to the community in need. As a director of the company i ensure our disadvantaged community are able to live their day to day lifestyle. Infinite ability home care isn't only limited to disability services we are approved to provide home care services at quality level with qualified experienced employees.

Infinite Ability Home Care understands, the regulation and procedure in place to provide and the Quality Care Principles, we are responsible for providing a high level of quality care to care recipients through well-articulated and enforced policies and procedures and complying with the Disability Standards, Care Standards and other responsibilities as are specified in the Quality of Care Principles.

Core Value:

How we conduct Infinite Ability home care is just as important as what we do. Our values are the ethics that guide us day to day in helping our community especially those disadvantaged to achieve the best working life quality to improve their independent living. At all times, we strive to distinguish prudential as an admired multicultural organization service that is differentiated by quality staff, quality services and innovative solutions for all stages of life.

At Infinite ability home care We treat all people with dignity, sensitivity and courtesy. This includes respecting privacy and the confidentiality of information and treating all complaints seriously.

We always strive for the best results to keep promises and reach your goals along with our own, we believe open and honest communication will result in reliable information and accurate results.

Infinite ability home care has the responsibility of providing services for the agreed time frame allocated in our service agreement. We have a duty to being responsible for our participants to reach their desire goal and conduct their daily duties.

We believe Integrity is a core to any business at infinite ability home care our goals are to provide value, educate our clients and build long-term relationships. So, we focus on being completely transparent about what we’re working on and always doing the right thing.

Highly Qualified Dentists

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Dr. Jeison Smith


Dr. Sheila Coredero

Dentist, Oral surgeon

Dr. Alex Coredero

Dental Therapist

Dr. Simona Willams

Dental Assistant

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